In an era when manufactured prestige and exorbitant college costs drive families into confusion and panic, we work hard to demystify the college process and help students find their best fit colleges. 

What does best fit really mean?  It means knowing yourself and being able to look beyond somewhat arbitrary college rankings. It means understanding what you value and what you need in your ideal educational environment. It also means understanding when you go to college, you’re there to live a whole life, not just be a student. Academic fit, cost, campus environment, housing, clubs and opportunities, career services, mental and physical health services, internship and study abroad placements, student outcomes, social fit– they ALL matter and should play a much bigger role in your search than clickbait lists put out by publications whose entire goal is to push (and profit from) rankings. 

In our last two years of ushering students through the college research and admissions process, our students have been highly successful in choosing their best-fit schools and making meaningful decisions for their futures. Check out a list of where Foundations kids have been accepted and have matriculated (enrolled in; those schools are marked with a *). 

Ball State University*

Bradley University

Butler University*

Christopher Newport University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Emory University*

Hollins University

Indiana University*


Lipscomb University*

Loyola University Chicago

Northwestern University

Purdue University*

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

St. Louis University

University of Cincinnati*

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*

University of Indianapolis

University of Southern Indiana*

University of Wisconsin*

Virginia Commonwealth University

Washington University in St. Louis*

Webster University*

Western Kentucky University

Xavier University

We are so proud of our first two years of graduates and are pumped to add new best-fit acceptances and matriculations to the list as the year progresses!